I created a website that aims at solving a major first world problem

Problem: People never update all their account password after there is major password scandal leak. Most people usually never update all their account after updating any one accounts passwords.

Reason- on asking people their reason was they were lazy to go into each website and then find that magical page in each website. It takes a lot of time.

Solution- I created this website https://www.updateyourpass.com which lists down all the direct link of most of the website’s Password update page. Now in one-click, It will redirect you to the password update page without having to explore each website. It will save a lot of time and help you be upto date. I hope I could help

Good websit. But I’m too lazy to change my password (●’◡’●)

Sounds good.

By the way, what is your opinion about the password manager software(KeePass, LastPass, 1Password etc.)?

Is it really safe as it says and reasonable to fill and keep a password through software on the internet, instead of manual input?