Download video from this website seems to be impossible

I am trying to download video from this wingfox|【68% OFF Sale!】Game Environment Concept Design: Beginner to
they are using polyv playsafe player

I Have followed this post 恕我直言,在座的没有一个能下载这个视频 [狗头] - #17,来自 wankkoree - 问题求助 - 小众软件官方论坛

but i think they have updated their code now they are using wasm(webassembly) to hide the key , i tried best in my knowledget but not able to get the decryption key

it seems that m3u8 is encrypted in .pdx

but after some javascript debugging i found the m3u8

but the key is somewhere hidden in wasm code

some genius forks have already disassembled the code here and found the decryption key

but i am not able to understand wasm
pls help me get the decryption key

Have you tried File Centipede? In thread 恕我直言,在座的没有一个能下载这个视频 [狗头] (actually the one above your reply) the author of this software claims that version 2.3 is available for downloading such videos.
This software is not open source. Although the author claims it is free software, some users in the forum say it has some undesirable behavior.

Yes i tried File Centipede , its not working for polyv player , someone with developer skills in wasm can only find out the solution for this , I hope some kind guys here will find the solution

Can anyone pls help on this to get the decryption key