1. 获取Push URL

iOS或者Android安装Bark,在App的主界面,可以看到形如 https://api.day.app/xxxxxxxxxx/ 的Push URL,记录下来

2. 配置Tasker Profile


    Profile: 验证码转发
    	Restore: no
    	Event: Received Text [ Type:SMS Sender:* Content:* SIM Card:* ]
    Enter: Anon
    	A1: If [ %SMSRB ~R (验证|校验|安全|authentication|security)(码|code) | %SMSRB ~R (密码|password) ]
    	A2: Variable Search Replace [ Variable:%SMSRB Search:\d{4,8} Ignore Case:Off Multi-Line:Off One Match Only:On Store Matches In Array:%CODE Replace Matches:Off Replace With: ] 
    	<https://api.day.app/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/改成你自己的Push URL>
    	A3: HTTP Request [  Method:HEAD URL:https://api.day.app/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/%SMSRB?copy=%CODE1&automaticallycopy=1&isArchive=1 Headers: Query Parameters: Body: File To Send: File/Directory To Save With Output: Timeout (Seconds):10 Trust Any Certificate:Off Automatically Follow Redirects:Off Use Cookies:Off Continue Task After Error:On ] 
    	A4: [X] Send SMS [ Number:xxxxxxxxxxx Message:%SMSRB Store In Messaging App:Off SIM Card: Wait For Result:Off ] If [ %http_response_code !~ 200 ]
    	A5: End If 

导入完成后记得配置Bark的Push URL和接收转发的手机号码