CEMU 1.26.0d -- 解决了vulkan渲染的问题。




New in 1.26.0d:

Vulkan: Fixed an issue where no pipelines would be compiled asynchronously even if the async shader compile option was turned on

New in 1.26.0c:

input: Fixed an issue where the special buttons “blow mic” and “show screen” would permanently get stuck in pressed state

misc: Added a workaround for Cemuhook custom timers crashing

New in 1.26.0b:

ErrEula: Fixed an issue where ErrEula message box buttons were not clickable

coreinit: Fixed a potential internal state corruption in OSCondWait
This resolves Tekken Tag Tournament 2 freezing on boot

misc: Optimized speed of texture dumping feature

New in 1.26.0:

input: Reworked input system from the ground up, fixed bugs and added new features

Input configuration now supports binding more than one controller to any emulated controller
For example, you can setup two joycons to work as one controller
Or you can setup an XInput controller and then add your phone as a DSU motion source
Any combination is possible with no limit on how many input sources you can set per emulated controller

This update also features a new profile system and overhauled UI to accommodate
for the new multi-controller feature. Cemu remains backwards compatible with existing controller profiles.

Additional input improvements include:
SDL API now also supports Stadia, Steam and Amazon Luna controllers
Default button layouts for some API/controller combinations
Much better support for native Wiimotes
Generally better handling for deadzone on all controller APIs

general: Fixed a long standing crash issue that could occur when opening any file dialog (like MLC folder selection, or file load option)
This likely also fixes other rare UI related crashes

general: Fixed an issue where the download manager would always download v0 of any DLC instead of the latest version

Vulkan: Fixed random graphic corruptions that could occur due to incorrectly handling some Vulkan pipeline configurations
Resolves graphic glitches in Bayonetta 2 and possibly other games

AX: Unimplemented AUX audio effects are now handled gracefully
This avoids issues like echoed audio seen in a few games since Cemu 1.25.3

AX: Store AUX channels as 16-bit samples instead of 24-bit to match console behavior. Some games require this in order for their effects to be applied correctly
Fixes distorted background music in Color Splash

log: Reworked path printing to match the actual internal paths Cemu uses (for mlc, base game directory etc.)
Also fixed log encoding issues with non-ANSI directory names

gfxPacks: Fixed several issues where replaced games files as part of a graphic pack would not be detected correctly

gfxPacks: Improved robustness and logging of graphic pack errors. Cemu should not close when encountering some types of graphic pack errors

CPU: Tweaked the thread scheduler to prevent a rare but repeatable type of deadlock
Prevents Mario Party 10 from getting stuck on boot

RPLLoader: Reworked large parts of the RPL loader internals, fixed bugs and improved robustness
Partially broken .rpl files as encountered in some homebrew should no longer crash Cemu
Fixed an out-of-resources related crash seen in Mario Party 10

coreinit: Release held mutexes when a thread is ended
Fixes Mario Party 10 minigames getting stuck during loading

UI: The game loading-screen image will now stay at the correct aspect ratio regardless of the size of the window

UI: The “Save main/pad window position” options will now correctly remember and restore the fullscreen state

UI: Decreased the minimum allowed size of the GamePad window when resizing

misc: Fixed an issue where transferred NNID accounts could not be used with the Download Manager

misc: Reworked the code used for parsing INI-format files for better performance and robustness against syntax mistakes and BOM-sequences
The INI format is used by game profiles, controller profiles and graphic packs rules.txt

debugger: Data directives like .float or .int now also work in the debugger assembly view

(#xx) refers to resolved bug tracker issues. See Overview - Cemu - Cemu bug tracker